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Teeth Whitening in Loomis, CA

Shine brightly with teeth whitening from Dr. Mercer!

Would you like to transform your smile with a brighter appearance? You can call us today to schedule a teeth whitening appointment at the office of Dr. Barry Mercer. We’ll customize your treatment to your needs to give you a whitened, beaming look.

If you’re ready to achieve immediate results from your teeth whitening system, you’ll want to opt for our in-office teeth whitening procedure. We use Boost for these treatments. With the combination of a pressurized mouthpiece that keeps the whitening gel in place and the advanced lighting system to activate the gel. You can have brilliant, shining teeth in one visit!

For those who would like to have time to become accustomed to a brilliantly shining smile, Dr. Mercer can provide you with Opalescence take-home whitening. After we fit you for a customized whitening tray, you’ll be able to whiten conveniently on your own time each day. Simply load the whitening tray with the prescribed amount of teeth whitening gel and wear it for about thirty minutes each day unless otherwise recommended by Dr. Mercer. You’ll have a radiant smile in about two weeks, which gives you plenty of time to get used to sporting a bright look.

Please contact us today to schedule your teeth whitening appointment at the office of Dr. Barry Mercer. We regularly see patients from Loomis, Roseville, Auburn, Rocklin, Newcastle, and the surrounding California communities for our custom teeth whitening treatments. If this will be your first appointment at Dr. Mercer’s practice, please take a brief moment to review the information listed on our new patient page. For a list of our other cosmetic dentistry solutions, click here. We’re ready to help you recreate your smile with teeth whitening!

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