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3 Oral Care Tips from Your Family Dentist in Loomis

July 10, 2018

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Family brushing teethScheduling regular dental visits for you and your family is key to maintaining a healthy smile. However, practicing good oral hygiene extends beyond the four walls of the dentist’s office. Protecting your teeth from cavities, gum disease and other serious dental issues involves making the right choices at home and taking responsible action in between dental visits. If you want to teach every member of your family ways to improve their oral health, start by checking out the 3 oral care tips from your family dentist in Loomis below.

Practice Healthy Eating Habits

Practicing good oral hygiene means more than just brushing twice a day – eating a balanced and nutritious diet is also a key aspect of taking good care of your teeth, according to the American Dental Association.

Foods that are rich in calcium and protein play an important role in protecting and rebuilding tooth enamel, so incorporating sufficient amounts of dairy products and leans meats into family meals can help maintain healthy smiles all the way around the dinner table.

At the same time, foods and snacks that contain high levels of sugar– like candy bars, soft drinks, cookies and more – can lead to tooth decay when eaten regularly. Avoid consuming foods with excessive amounts of sugar by substituting them with healthier options, like fresh fruit and water.

Ditch the Bottled Water

When you are thirsty, do you usually grab a bottled water from the refrigerator or fill up a glass from the tap? If you regularly drink bottled water over tap water, it is possible that your teeth are not getting an adequate level of fluoride.

Fluoride, a mineral that protects teeth from tooth decay and helps prevent cavities, is contained in tap water is most towns and cities. Switching from bottled water to tap water is an easy way to ensure your family is getting the extra protection that fluoride provides teeth.

You could also consider switching to a fluoride toothpaste or incorporating a fluoride mouthwash into your daily oral care routine.

The next time you are in the dentist’s chair, be sure to ask about professional fluoride treatment options — many dentists offer in-office fluoride applications during regular checkups.

Brush Properly

As any dentist in Loomis will tell you, each member of your family should brush his or her teeth at least twice a day, for a full two minutes each time. However, it is also critical that every member of your family learns the correct brushing technique for their daily oral hygiene routine.

When brushing your teeth, you should place your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle at the line where your teeth and gums meet. Brush the gumline and then all the sides of your teeth, including the outer, inner and chewing surfaces. Thoroughly brushing your teeth using the right technique will help every member of the family maintain bright, healthy smiles.

Teaching your family members – from your spouse down to your young toddler – these 3 simple tips will help them prevent cavities and maintain excellent oral health for a lifetime.

About the Author

Raised right here in Loomis, California, Dr. Barry Mercer has been providing local families with aesthetic and comprehensive dental care for over 25 years. For more advice on how the whole family can keep their teeth in great shape in between dental visits, Dr. Mercer can be contacted via his website or by telephone at +1 916-652-5424.

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